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The Travel Video Alliance is the premiere global community for filmmakers, tourism organizations, lifestyle and media brands, and other businesses in the trillion-dollar travel industry. As an unparalleled resource, the Alliance hosts the annual Travel Video Awards (TVAs) honoring excellence in travel videos, and offers exclusive events and workshops online as well as across the globe.

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2019 Winners Announced!

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The second-annual Travel Video Awards (TVAs) were held during the 2019 NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. With monumental growth in submissions over the previous year, the 2019 TVAs saw over 40 countries represented, and hundreds of quality videos in contention for awards. David Freid and MEL Films won the NOMAD Award for their film Happy Animals. The Audience Award for the Independent track went to Flying The Nest’s Turkey Travel Vlog series, while Intrepid Group’s Be Intrepid won the award for the Industry track. Visit the 2019 winners page for a full list of the year’s winners.


The 2018 TVAs were the inaugural awards program recognizing filmmaking excellence in and around the travel industry. With hundreds of entries from 26 countries and numerous global brands, indie filmmaker Kevin Clerc clinched the NOMAD Award for his film Mexico, and the Croatia National Tourism Board and travel host-vlogger Holly Tuggy won the Industry and Independent Audience Awards respectively. View 2018 winners and nominees for a closer look at the first ever TVAs.

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Wed. October 17

PANEL – The Power of Video in the $1 Trillion Travel Industry

This year’s NAB Show New York was a great success.  Keep checking back for new TVA events.


Tuesday, April 9

During the 2019 NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, the TVAs hosted two panels in addition to an awards ceremony honoring the 2019 Travel Video Awards winners and nominees.

PANEL – Travel Video Industry: Meet The Buyers And Financiers
The panel will cover investment in travel videos by the tourism industry, media companies, lifestyle brands, and more.  Panelists will cover video content types, and how buyers hire talent to develop projects.

PANEL – Travel Video Industry: How to Build Your Brand As A Filmmaker And Influencer
The panel features top filmmakers and influencers who cover how to break into the travel video industry, how to pitch and sell your brand and projects, and how to grow your brand across social platforms.


Each month the TVAs features an interview with a filmmaker and a brand or agency creating relevant, inspiring, sometimes trendsetting, sometimes groundbreaking content in the travel video industry. 

Peter Bragiel has had a camera practically attached to him since before Youtube was founded. Since then, his camera has taken him around the world, from Belgium to Tunisia, and beyond. The Travel Video Awards spoke with him about working with brands, getting the shot, and more.

It’s hard to find a comprehensive guide to a new city. One that dives beneath the surface and offers comprehensive and accessible information to experience what’s not found in tour books. Attache was founded to fill that gap and give the modern traveler content that would keep up with them.


The Travel Video Awards database (TVAdb) features curated travel videos from around the world created by filmmakers, industry brands and agencies alike.  Sort videos by filmmakers, agencies, brands, and destinations, as well as by TVA nominees and winners. TVAdb aims to be the ultimate resource to find the best travel videos being produced around the world, to identify new talent, and to discover global travel destinations.

A Sense of Wonder


Director: Mathieu Le Lay

Narrator: Benjamin Dowie

Featured Locations: Italy

Charted Waters


Brand: CNN Travel

Creative Team: CNN Digital Labs

Featured Locations: Hamilton, Bermuda